Friday, August 19, 2005

Back from the jungle...

Wouldn't you know it.

While I was away with no access to the Internet, email and phones, the markets gave us some great opportunities to apply our trades.

On 11th AUG Gold had all the signals required to fit our strategy, increasing for one more day so we would have been filled, then retracing.

On 12th AUG Crude gave us all the we need to place a trade - although, this market has been quite a roller-coaster for some time.

As for other markets, Silver remains flat, Soybeans is dropping and Coffee is well down.



PS: As fate would happen, while I was away, my backup plans for keeping the office running failed. The lesson here is to always have a backup plan and to test it well before relying on it. For those affected, my apologies.


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