Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Market Update

Well the markets have not given us much to write about lately. Most of the markets I trade are flat or slow trending.

For our options strategy, there is nothing right now.

10 Year Treasuries - down trend
S&P 500 - up trend
NASDAQ - up trend
Silver - flat
Sugar - huge up trend - but not good for options
Soybeans - flat
FTSE index - slow up trend
Coffee - down trend
Yen - down trend
Gold - flat
Eurodollar - down trend
EuroFX - flat
Crude - flat
Canadian Dollar - flat
British Pound - down trend
Australian Dollar - flat

Needless to say, trend traders would be going quite well.

Lets hope we see some volatility creep in over the next few weeks.


PS: For those of you who were paper trading the first Gold trade we spoke about, you should have seen the contract expire for full profit.


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