Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Market Update

Well the markets have not given us much to write about lately. Most of the markets I trade are flat or slow trending.

For our options strategy, there is nothing right now.

10 Year Treasuries - down trend
S&P 500 - up trend
NASDAQ - up trend
Silver - flat
Sugar - huge up trend - but not good for options
Soybeans - flat
FTSE index - slow up trend
Coffee - down trend
Yen - down trend
Gold - flat
Eurodollar - down trend
EuroFX - flat
Crude - flat
Canadian Dollar - flat
British Pound - down trend
Australian Dollar - flat

Needless to say, trend traders would be going quite well.

Lets hope we see some volatility creep in over the next few weeks.


PS: For those of you who were paper trading the first Gold trade we spoke about, you should have seen the contract expire for full profit.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

China Revaluation

It was a bit of a crazy day on the markets with the Chinese revaluing their currency (Yuan). It used to be pegged to the US dollar, and now it's pegged to a basket of currencies, representing it's major trading partners.

However, the net result was only a 2% reduction in the currency compared to where it was.

Most of the worlds currencies traded over a large range - with some, including Australian Dollar & British Pound, finishing quite a bit higher.

I would guess that this might change over the coming months.

Looking at Gold, the market jumped a little bit, closing at $425. We'd need it to continue to rise to around $435-440 before it would be worth looking at trading.

Crude Oil continues to drop - but I'd expect this to reverse sometime soon. Basic logic suggests that the world is running out of oil, therefore the price will continue to rise.


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Crude Easing

After some exciting weeks with Crude Oil, it looks like the price is slowing down and it's volatility is lowering. Although it still meets our criteria, it maybe a little to "hot" for new traders to get into.

Gold and Silver are making a slow recovery and are worth watching.

For those of you who have had your Gold Options courses now for a few weeks - what have you been able to action?

Have you created a futures or commodities trading account with a broker yet?

If you would like some assistance or advice, email me at


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Beware of Crude Right Now

Although the Crude market is showing us all the right indicators for our trade - it's highly schizophrenic. Just at the end of today's trading, it jumped up $1.00. This is probably too hot a market for us right now. Best wait and review other markets.

For those of you already in Crude - if you followed the rules, then you will have a trigger price and an exit strategy. If not, then read the guide again - quickly!

Soybeans are making a slight comeback. Watch this over the next week.

Gold and Silver are both still down and not worth trading.

All in all, not much for us right now.

Stay tuned,