Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Update on Gold & Crude

Well, I hope you've been watching the Gold market of late.

From our indicators, Gold, ever so slightly, missed hitting our main technical indicator. But there are still some good trades there.

The current volatility is still low - 11.2%, which makes the net returns lower than we'd normally expect.

For example, as of today you could trade OCT Gold 480 calls and get $2.80 or $280 US per contract. This would have a 93% probability of profit, with 97 days left before expiry.

Another example would be AUG Gold 465 calls, which only have 34 days left, but would return $140 per contract with a 96% chance of profit.

Crude Oil remains at very high volatility levels, but still offers some good trades. But be careful of a quick ramp up and make sure you know how to exit if it does.

Other markets that are close to our parameters include: Soybean, Sugar & Coffee.



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