Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Highly Liquid Markets

When trading commodity options, it's best to stick to highly liquid markets. This means markets that always have plenty of open interest (contracts). A liquid market means that you have a greater chance of having a buyer, if your selling and vice versa.

The following are the markets that I scan on a daily basis for possible trades.

New York Coffee Cocoa and Sugar Exchange
* Coffee
* Cocoa
* Sugar
* Cotton
* Soybean

Chicago Mercantile Exchange
* Swiss Franc
* British Pound
* Japanese Yen
* Canadian Dollar
* Australian Dollar
* S&P 500 Stock Index (emini & full)
* NASDAQ Stock Index (emini & full)
* Eurodollar
* 90 Day U.S. Treasury Bill

* Gold
* Silver
* Copper

New York Mercantile Exchange
* Crude Oil
* Heating Oil

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